What makes Constance

Aloe Vera better?

True, whole-leaf, Aloin-free,

never carbon-filtered Aloe

Knowing as much as possible about this all-natural ingredient is beneficial for your personal usage and to share with those you care about.

Although carbon filtering eliminates Aloin, it also removes many of the plant's other nutrients; including most, if not all, of the amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins, to name a few. Our manufacturer uses a proprietary method to eliminate the natural laxative, known as "Aloin", while protecting and maximizing the nutrient qualities of the whole leaf Aloe juices. 

Therefore, our Aloe is true whole leaf, not just a carbon-filtered shell of itself, like some other Aloe products on the market.

fter blanching...separating...and concentrating...the final, and extensive pasteurization process, eliminates Aloin, other impurities and potentially harmful bacteria that might reduce the value of the concentrated juice. Because of these rigorous steps, we have had less than a dozen customers out of many thousands ever experience any slight sensitivity.

Facts About Aloe Vera

 The stories of the effects of Aloe Vera seem incredible.

You may wonder how a simple plant juice can have

so many different effects on the skin and body. 

Some of the earliest scientific research on Aloe Vera was performed in 1935 by researchers for the Atomic Energy Commission. They concluded that Aloe Vera was the most effect product known for the treatment of radiation burns of the skin. Still they did not uncover what actually happens when Aloe Vera comes into contact with the skin. Later, scientists began to analyze the specific chemical makeup of Aloe Vera. It was only then that the explanation for the many properties of Aloe Vera began to unfold.

Hundreds of scientific papers have been written about Aloe Vera. Many describe the activities of Aloe Vera when taken internally and when applied externally to the hair and skin. Certain characteristics of Aloe Vera are described repeatedly and are well documented. These include:

1. It is a natural cleanser.

2. It penetrates tissue

3. It anesthetizes the tissue in the area to which it is applied, relieving pain deep

beneath the surface including pain associated with joints and sore muscles.

4. It is bactericidal when it is maintained in high concentration for several hours in direct contact with infectious bacteria. It does not act as a strong antibiotic, which may destroy bacteria although highly diluted.

5. It is viricidal when in direct contact in high concentration for long period of time.

6. It is fungicidal under same conditions.

7. It reduces bleeding time.

8. Its antipyretic properties can reduce the fever of heat or sores.

9. It is anti-inflammatory. Its action is similar to that of core-costeriods, reducing swelling and redness.

10. Its antipyretic properties can relieve or prevent itching.

11. It is nutritional - providing a wide range of vitamins, minerals and sugars.

12. It dilates capillaries, increasing blood supply to the are to which it is applied.

13. It breaks down and digests dead tissue, including pus, through the action of proteolytic enzymes. This hastens the degenerative phase of healing.

14. It enhances normal cell proliferation (epithelization), which hastens the regenerative phase of healing.

Aloe Vera has the ability to speed up cell replacement, often by as much as one-third (1/3) the normal rate. This makes it as excellent age retardant and results in a more youthful looking complexion in a relatively short period of time.

It is this cell replacement capability, combined with its healing and oil reducing properties that makes Aloe Vera excellent in the control of oily and blemished complexions, such as acne.

15. It moisturizes the tissue to which it is applied.

What does Aloe Vera do for You?

First, Aloe Vera was shown to be very, very complex, not a simple juice like many plants, but a composite of numerous biologically active ingredients.

1. Aloe Vera is an excellent nutrient. It contains important proteins, vitamins, minerals and substances essential to the release of energy.

2. In addition,the chemical makeup of Aloe Vera causes it to penetrate into the skin rapidly, thus carrying the nutrients to the living cells of the Epidermis.he options from the toolbar.

3. Aloe Vera contains several enzymes, the activities of which are not fully understood. However, it has been demonstrated that Aloe Vera promotes the removal of dead skin and stimulates the normal growth of living cells

In order to understand the importance of these characteristics it is necessary to comprehend the structure of the skin itself.

Human skin has three layers.

A.Epidermis.....Consists of living surface cells which both protect the body against the environment and provide an additional means of removing waste products as the outermost layers die and slough off. All of the dead skin you remove when you bathe is the uppermost area of the Epidermis. Although the Epidermis contains living cells, it has no blood supply. Its nutrition must come from the Dermis below.

B.Dermis.....Beneath the Epidermis is the Dermis which provides the strength and toughness of the skin and contains the blood supply. It also contains the hair shaft, tiny muscles and oil glands.

C.Hypodermis.....Is comprised of a soft layer of fatty tissue. Along with the Dermis, it contains the sweat glands, hair follicles, nerves and blood vessels.

Considering, then, the structure of the human skin, the makeup of Aloe Vera, you can begin to see why the Aloe juice improves skin health, stimulating the growth of normal cells, removing dead cells and bringing in vitamins and proteins.

Why doesn't the body's blood stream do this same job from within? You might ask why is it necessary to "feed" the skin when that is the function of our blood system. The fact is that the youthful skin of a young child is well nourished, but as we pass from childhood to maturity a process takes place with our blood vessels which thickens their walls and reduces their ability to supply nutrients to all body tissues.

This particularly effects the Epidermis. As you recall, it has no blood supply, but depends on the nutrients which come to it through the Dermis layer. Aging slows this down. By supplementing this nourishment to the skin, Aloe Vera creates a younger glow in the skin of a person who uses a good Aloe Vera skin care program (Constance Cosmetics Skin Care). Since it has the ability to speed up cell replacement, often by as much as one-third (1/3) the normal rate, it makes an excellent age retardant and results in a more youthful-looking complexion in a relative short period of time. Statistics prove that with continuous usage the effects are cumulative, not temporary, resulting in adults looking years younger.

Now some additional information about Aloe Vera. It is an effective cleanser for several reasons. For starters,it acts as a "skin balancer". The skin has a natural PH factor between 4.5 and 5.5 (This is on a scale of 0 - 14). This is slightly acidic, which helps fight bacteria and fungi. If you wash your face with soap, or merely touch it, you disturb this natural PH balance. Because of its own natural properties, Aloe Vera helps to restore this balance to the skin.

Also, Aloe Vera has the ability to penetrate deeply into all three (3) layers of the skin to flush out unwanted bacteria and oil deposits that can clog pores. Then, the natural nutrients in Aloe Vera - vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids - work to stimulate the growth of healthy new cells. At the same time, enzymes in Aloe Vera actually slough-off dead skin cells before they can accumulate and clog pores.

It is the cell replacement capability, combined with its healing and oil reducing properties, that make Aloe Vera excellent in the control of oil and blemished complexions, such as acne.